Moving Spotlight is a social enterprise designed to help performing artists reach audiences during these pandemic times, and beyond. We help artists set up their shows by working with them beforehand to plan an amazing experience. We handle selling tickets, promotion and publicity, and running the technical back end. It costs the artist nothing – all they have to do is show up and play (or tell jokes, share poetry, do a theatrical performance, or whatever). Artists are helped in this time of financial insecurity, and audiences can have a sense of community during this time of isolation. It costs them absolutely nothing out of pocket – and gets them paid, with a revenue share of 70/30 net proceeds between the artist and Moving Spotlight (and yes, the artists get the 70%).

For the general public, business, and organizations, we also offer fee-for-services such as workshops, social media consulting, and publicity/promotion. This will help us keep our server fees paid and food on our tables.

If you are an artist interested in talking about setting up a show, or if you would like to book a performer for your online corporate event, organization, school, or private event (like birthday parties and anniversaries), please get in touch with us.