For Artists

You’re a performer who lost all of your gigs due to the pandemic. Sure, you’ve tried do a livestream (or several) on social media for free, hoping people will donate to your virtual tip jar. And some loyal fans did, but it’s not enough to keep your life and art going.

You’d like to try doing a ticketed online event, but can’t afford the software. Selling tickets online is a mystery. Promotion and publicity are not your strongest suits. And running the show while performing can be a challenge.

Moving Spotlight can help. Moving Spotlight is a social enterprise designed to connect performing artists and audiences in virtual spaces. We will set up your show, sell tickets, promote it, and work with you ahead of time to help create the best experience for you and your audience. All you need is your own home stage setup (which can be extremely simple) and a basic Zoom account. We’ll take care of the rest.

There are also opportunities to perform for corporate, non-profit, or private online events based on a set fee.

Payment is based on a revenue sharing model of 70/30 of net ticket sales or event fees. You can still use your virtual tip jar during the show – 100% of that goes to you. Performers pay absolutely nothing out of pocket.

While Moving Spotlight originally got started with musicians in mind, we also can work with comedians, spoken word artists, and performance artists. As well, although we are based in Edmonton, Alberta and originally got started with western Canadian artists in mind, we’ll work with artists anywhere.

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